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When consumers are tied to wireless exploitation and are constantly sold on the benefits of upgrades and new technology, there is no need for competitive balance. Unless that’s what you call record profits by two of the big three wireless exploitation carriers. Each had huge profits during the 3rd quarter of 2013:  Verizon Wireless – third-quarter profit of $2.23 billion,  AT&T Mobile – third-quarter profit of $3.8 billion, and Sprint – third-quarter profit of $383 million, and all but Sprint gained subscribers during the quarter. With these numbers and the fact that technology has already been developed beyond what is new on the market today (remember DLP technology for televisions?), the bills for monthly wireless contracts will continue to inflate.

The real change occurring in the industry, however, is the reduction of potential new subscribers to the market. As saturation of mobile products reaches its apex, the wireless exploitation carriers will be vying for the subscribers of their competitors and in doing so we will witness every type of marketing that focuses on pride, greed, and self image. These are elements of deceptive marketing practices and have been a function of our current society for at least the last 25 years.

The End of Wireless Exploitation

Changing the way we advertise to a whole generation will make a difference. Positive uses for technology that involve education will bring about new thought and new inventions. This in turn will change the direction of human evolution. Eso-Merit Marketing relies on principles of truth and trust but these can only be realized when greed is a non factor.

One company that is using technology to advance education is Vinci.
Learning with Vincigenius is a product for preschoolers and toddlers that makes the tablet more than just a place to play video games.

Changing the process of wireless exploitation will take time but it begins with the recognition of our own desires and understanding the din of marketing noise. Taking a step towards wireless independence will help the next generation understand that the next best thing is already in their possession, the ability to choose.

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