The last few articles have revealed the principles of Eso-Merit Marketing as Truth, Service, Humility, and Gratitude. This article explores the cohesive element of Trust.

When on the path of Eso-Merit Marketing, the results can seem to come at an astonishing pace.  The difference however, does not lie in the activity but in the intention of the actions and the Trust that results will follow. Each principle builds a case for the universe to consider and the intention of the implementation of the principles triggers a chain reaction of choice that brings opportunity and broadens the reach of each campaign. The product or service becomes connected to the fundamentals of the company and as such receive merit based on association.

Mainstream marketing often uses deception, misdirection and self exaltation as the basis of its campaigns.  These methods are carefully tested and can offer attractive short term gains but not one of them can produce long term success. The pretty woman drinking the soda, the car sliding across the snow in perfect timing with two others, and the perfectly constructed hamburger with a bit of pickle, ketchup, and mustard viewable, are all examples of mainstream practice. An attempt to manipulate the emotional response of primal urges through irrelevant stimulus bombards every television viewer today. These viewers, some that have turned off their ability to discern and others that have developed a learned response, may be blind to the misinformation delivered by these marketing tactics. However, once the veil is pierced the true nature of the intention is revealed and the results are extraordinary.

When we learn to Trust the outcome of any campaign and allow it to stand on the merits of the intentions of its creation, we begin to see a change in our world. It often starts with the way we conduct our business. Interaction with our customers beyond the marketplace becomes commonplace. We become less reactionary and more proactive. We become more aware of our roles in the community. Our involvement in local or regional events become important parts of our company development.  All of these help to foster the principles of Eso-Merit based marketing and extend their reach into our daily lives.

In our next article, we will look specifically at email marketing and the relationship it has with community Trust.

The author, Eric Reese, is the owner of Out In Front Marketing and a certified Yoga Instructor. His blending of esoteric teachings into every day life offer a chance to experience more than just a job.


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