What is Eso-Merit Marketing? It is a simple principle set forth by creation. It is complex interaction of forces beyond human control. It is the everyday action of life lived in harmony.

You might now be posing the question: what the hell is he talking about? Let us first look at the label. Eso-Merit: Eso is short for esoteric. Esoteric is defined as a concept that is “difficult to understand.” Merit is defined as : “character or conduct deserving reward, honor, or esteem.” Therefore the combination of these two words bring us to a concept of marketing that is difficult to understand yet yields results that are deserving of reward, honor or esteem. The difficulty of understanding stems from years of misinformation delivered as truth. Now let’s break down the definition above.

“It is a simple principle set forth by creation” – There are several universal laws that govern our interaction with our clients. Truth – deliver accurate information in a timely manner from your perspective. Respect -The golden rule and beyond. Live this life in service to the greater good.

“It is a complex interaction of forces beyond human control” – at the risk of presenting a doctrine of predestination, There is a certain flow to the universe that is delivered through the concept of cause and effect (karma). The results of this are an existence that bears reliably on the intentions and deeds of the marketeer.

“It is the everyday action of life lived in harmony” – When the universal laws work their way to the surface of understanding, the Truth and Karma unfold to reveal a better way. One that brings value to the forefront and the positive intentions of service, deliver a ripple effect throughout the community.

In our next article, we will bring supportive facts to the table that will tend to reveal a pattern of influence based on the intentions of Eso-Merit Marketing.


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