We are better than the rest!

Our products are higher quality and last longer!

No one does it better than us!

What do each of these tag lines have in common? They are based on values that hold egocentric intentions and cannot draw prospects that develop into relationship customers.

We have discussed Truth and Service and their significance in Eso-Merit Marketing, now we need to take a look at Humility. As we have stated before, these concepts have existed since the beginning. The  collective ego of business has all but extinguished the joining of these principles.

When Gordon Gekko, in the iconic 1987 film Wall Street, said, “The point is ladies and gentlemen that greed, for lack of a better word, is good” he spoke for an entire generation that followed and chose to live for competitive intention. Greed is a collective intention that serves only its master. Over time the prevailing energy that is created by greed erodes the foundation of its very culture and when the destruction is complete the structure disintegrates.

When Humility is the core of belief and Service is the functional intention a market presence is developed that draws customers to the places where the message exists. Customers begin to embrace the culture even if it is beyond their own use or need. New opportunities are revealed that were neither expected nor apparent. Each action of truth based intention brings results that merit an increase in awareness and attention.

Humility may seem to be counter intuitive in the world of marketing. I have witnessed the growth first hand and the energy that is created when the intention is pure, is beyond imagination.  Truth must have the strength and conviction of trust in order for the culture of Eso-Merit Marketing to take root. However when it does, look out!

The author, Eric Reese, is the owner of Out In Front Marketing and a certified Yoga Instructor. His blending of esoteric teachings into every day life offer a chance to experience more than just a job.


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