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Social Media for Business is Growing Up

Out In Front Marketing Service is now 4 years old & has moved into the toddler phase of its existence along with the rest of the social media for business platforms. After 4 years in the fire of developing revenue strategies, the social media for business platforms have developed in depth analysis of user tendencies. Attempting to capitalize on these platforms is tough for businesses that do not understand how the ultimate integration of the online customer experience works. social media for business | Out in Front Marketing ServiceWhat has really made social media for business important is the shear number of people involved. I am focusing on it on our company anniversary because, like Out In Front Marketing, it has grown into a viable enterprise that businesses can use to help achieve there goals.

Social Media for Business – Facebook

An easy and free way to build up your list of prospects is through gaining “likes” on a Facebook page. There are many stats online saying how much time people spend on social media, particularly Facebook. Regardless of what stat you find, it’s going to be significant. Think about how many times a day you check your social sites for your business or personal accounts. Take advantage of these minutes. In addition, Facebook paid marketing has developed a very nice target marketing platform. This service can put your message in the face of only potential buyers and can also be triggered by action.

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Social Media for Business – LinkedIn

Whatever your social media for business objectives, LinkedIn will help you to build a network of useful contacts. Simple searches in your field will reveal thousands of experts, service providers and potential clients. If you do not personally know an individual, you may request to be introduced through a mutual contact or can send an introductory email. Using LinkedIn also enables us to see the interaction of our new contacts including who has visited our profile and how many times we have appeared as a search result. Out In Front Marketing created a LinkedIn video series that shows how to grow a list quickly. You can access the LinkedIn series here.

Social Media for Business – Twitter

With Twitter, locating people who have similar interests will help you target potential customers. For instance, if your business is selling wholesale plants to landscape services, you can easily find landscapers and “follow” them, which is the process of enlisting to receive tweets sent by others. Through networking, you can build your own following and develop long-term relationships that can lead to sales. The process of “retweeting,” where your followers send your tweets on to other interested parties, can also help build your prospect base.

Social Media for Business – You Tube

If you have used YouTube, you are likely familiar with how easily it is to watch video. But if you’re a business, you can use You Tube to deliver content, engage with comments & likes, and also improve your SEO. When you create a YouTube channel, viewers can see an entire list of everything you’ve uploaded, plus a list of the videos you’ve made “Favorites.”

This is only a small sample of the benefits afforded from social media for business today. In 4 more years it may be totally different. For now, using these tools with a website and email marketing will lead to success. Growing prospects is the goal for many of our clients. Using social media for business helps us achieve that goal.

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