While pondering the next clear and concise example of Eso-Merit Marketing, the search was hit by such an incredible example of anti Eso-Merit behavior that it had to be the subject of comment.

The NBC Television Network introduced a totally abhorrent version of Yankee Trader/White  Elephant gift exchange with the worst possible twist at the end of the game: ONE PLAYER CAN DUPE THE OTHER AND TAKE ALL CASH & PRIZES FOR THEMSELVES!

Who could have possibly dreamed that “TAKE IT ALL” could be a good premise on which to base a game show. With the tag line: “SOMETIMES IT PAYS TO BE GREEDY“, the swapping of gifts allows each contestant the opportunity to continue to play, as the player with the lowest gift value at the end of each round is eliminated from contention. However the final round pits the final two players each with a choice of keeping what they have accumulated by selecting “Keep Mine” or attempting to “Take It All” by selecting the option of greed. If both players are greedy and choose “Take It All”, both leave with nothing. If only one of the two chooses “Take It All”, that is exactly what happens. If both choose “Keep Mine”, the result is just that for both players.

Greed is a form of negative thought that is derived from the ego and finds its purchase in the seed of money. Finding this program and watching it to its ultimate fruition was disappointing and disheartening. There is virtually nothing good that can come from this, other than a history lesson of what not to do.

Eso-Merit behavior holds Truth, Respect, and Service as the universal principles and Karma as the universal Law. The only possible outcome of this completely wasted vibration of wavelength will be karmic in nature and far reaching.


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