Friends, Romans, Countrymen lend me your ears; The people that we have entrusted with the welfare of our nation have lost touch with it’s citizens. I speak from the point of view that change is the only constant. Personally, I was not allowed any dignity when my company was dismantled by a cascading economic event and the rise of the internet. But the very thing that has driven my family to the point of home loss is providing an opportunity for us to rise again. The phrase that we used in the ’00 was thinking outside the box. Well my friends, It is now time to seek out the new ideas, stop living the routine, join the challenge of a new adventure.

We have the power to start this change with the next election. My humble solution:


In order to change any paradigm, the process of thought must change. much like the 1984 SNL experiment by Dick Ebersol, this is not working. We have a few characters that deliver a glimmer of hope, but generally we are governed by self centered creative differences that offer no results and have no place in service to the people of our nation.  The minority house leader, Nancy Pelosi, had this to say on PAY CUTS for the federal government:

I have served on many volunteer boards and when each of them needed to get work done, we were often reminded of the reason we were in our position, to serve those that believed we could make a difference.

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