Staying vigilant about WordPress website security is an ongoing responsibility for all WordPress website owners. In fact, it’s an ongoing responsibility for everyone online, whether they are using WordPress or not.

As important as SEO, site performance and graphic design can be, they mean nothing if your website is hosting hidden links to Viagra or adult sites or Google has blacklisted your site because it is malware-infected. A site that is secretly holding malware often creates a vulnerable situation for visitors that are unaware. Additionally, if your site is blacklisted, you will lose traffic and conversions in addition to trust and loyalty. We guarantee it.WordPress Website Security - Out In Front Marketing

We know that WordPress website security can sometimes be a boring topic and if a technical background is lacking, the risks and the necessary safeguards can be difficult to comprehend. We see between 500 – 1500 unauthorized login attempts every single day on the sites we host and manage. The vast majority of these are hackers using brute force techniques to get into websites and inject code or malware. It is possible, even probable, that a hacker halfway across the globe is trying to get into your site at this very moment… A quick visit to the Wordfence home page will confirm the level of threat activity that is currently ongoing.

WordPress Website Security Applications

The good news is that we use the Wordfence application to protect your site. We install it,  with a standard setup, for free on every website that we build or manage. This is often adequate for many low traffic sites. We also offer a monthly monitoring plan that includes weekly website checks for suspicious activity and advanced setting adjustments based on usage and threat levels starting at $14 per month. We will also recommend additional security measures if and when we see conditions warrant an upgrade. We will also continue the backup our client’s websites so that if something does get through, we can safely re-install a clean version with limited down time. Click here for more information.

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